Ready to Illuminate 2022 with LED Video Walls

Ready to Illuminate 2022 with LED Video Walls

Ready to Illuminate 2022 with LED Video Walls

Date: 18th January 2022 | By: Kevin Burke

It’s an altogether more positive start to the new year compared to 2021 where live events are concerned. Yes there is some hesitation from some event organisers over putting large scale, indoor events on immediately, but events are cleared to go ahead, especially outdoors. It’s a world away from this time last year, so at Pro Audio Visual we are so pleased that we can get started helping supply and plan events across the country in 2022.

While we are free of restrictions, it’s worth remembering the mindset and wellbeing of our guests. Many people are happy to attend events, in fact we’ve seen no let up in attendance, however some guests who would usually be happy to be in the thick of the crowd may be a little more wary. It’s only fair to assume that people will naturally spread out ever so slightly more, and with this in mind you’ll want to make sure that everyone can still get the full experience of a live music or comedy event. A  great way to ensure that is through LED screen and video wall hire. The LED screens and video walls we have for hire out come in different sizes and have fantastic picture quality, there is also no issue with glare from the sun as the backlit screens counteract that. It’s such a simple idea that could really be the cherry on top of your event.

LED Screen Hire for Corporate Events

It’s going to be a huge year for business this year as companies new and old take full advantage of a full, uninterrupted year of trading. Trade shows and conferences are sure to be well attended so making your business stand out could be a challenge. That’s why an LED screen is a great way of showcasing what you have to offer in an eye catching and engaging way. You can even play a trailer or an advert for your company which can really draw in guests.

These are just two ways we think you can utilise Pro Audio Visual’s LED screens and video walls this year. Of course there are many more uses for them like listing schedules, pointing out directions or hidden spots at a festival or even just displaying some graphics at a wedding. We’re sure you don’t need our help to get creative with their use but the professionals at Pro Audio Visual will set up, maintain and pack down the products so you can enjoy your event.

LED screens are also a must for are sporting events, and even though it’s a long way off it is a World Cup year, there are plenty of big fixtures coming up. Prepare with Pro Audio Visual - just speak with us about what you need and we'll help you organise it.

We're helping out at outdoor cinemas, conferences, awards ceremonies and all other events. We work throughout the UK; we're based in Swansea, South Wales, and we travel to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Aberdeen and even overseas in Northern Ireland and all over Europe.

So 2022 here we are! Let’s manifest a great year as we build on our accomplishments from last, at Pro Audio Visual we can’t wait to get started.