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Pro Audio Visual provides a comprehensive range of event equipment for hire, catering to events of all sizes and types. From audio and visual solutions to staging, lighting, and more, we have everything you need to create a memorable and seamless event experience, including:

  • Sound Systems: Our professional audio equipment includes microphones, mixing consoles, and complete sound systems, ensuring clear, high-quality sound for both live and recorded events.
  • DJ Equipment: We offer a wide selection of DJ equipment, including CDJs, mixers, and controllers, catering to both amateur and professional DJs.
  • LED Video Walls: Our LED screens offer dynamic visual solutions, serving as backdrops, display screens, or interactive kiosks.
  • Outdoor Cinema Packages: These comprehensive solutions include screens, sound systems, and more, perfect for open-air events and film screenings.
  • Staging: Our staging solutions can be customised to suit each event’s needs, from live performances to presentations and speeches.
  • Lighting: We provide a variety of lighting options, including moving heads, lasers, spots, and strobes, ensuring your event has the right ambiance and visual appeal.

We cater to a variety of event types, including:

Pro Audio Visual operates across the UK, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Swansea, Leeds, Glasgow and beyond.  Our services also extend throughout Europe, providing comprehensive support to venues and events of all sizes.

Contact us today for comprehensive support and solutions that elevate your event’s audio, visuals, and overall experience.

Discounts on multi-day hires: e.g. 3-day rental for the price of 2 days, and 7-day rentals for the price of 3 days
Labour & transport is calculated upon quotation.