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Stage & DJ Monitoring


Pro Audio Visual  hold a large hire stock of Funktion-One, Mc2, Xta products

We only use the latest cutting edge technology and our team of experienced engineers and crew go the extra mile to make your event run as smooth as possible


Psm12 Hire - Our most popular DJ Monitors


The PSM12 addresses a need for an extremely powerful yet compact Floor Monitor with the qualities of the ground-breaking PSM18 in a much smaller package.  It features a custom designed 4” voice coil 12” driver for maximum power at low frequencies and a 1.4” compression driver for high frequencies.  Funktion One’s unique driver technology allows the compression driver crossover point to be nearly an octave higher than is typical, resulting in an extremely present but smooth sound particularly under pressure.  The 70° high frequency conical waveguide is concentric with the 12” driver giving a point-source arrangement which is optimum for even coverage and minimising feedback.  The monitor is switchable between passive and active operation and is supplied with a 35mm integral stand mount.  Funktion One’s holistic driver, enclosure and waveguide design make this product an outstanding monitor. 



We power our PSM12's with Mc2 E100 amplification and Xta Processing


Prices from £120 a pair + delivery & crew

Funktion-One Psm18 Hire - PSM 12 on steroids
Funktion One's PSM18 Point Source stage monitor is a radical departure from the standard 15" and compression-driver configuration, delivering a significant performance advantage over conventional monitors. The triple concentric arrangement comprises a very high power 18” driver with a coaxially mounted two-way compression driver.  The natural materials used in the midrange section of the  compression driver combined with its 700Hz -18kHz bandwidth give previously unheard clarity and definition to the vocal range.  The ultra-fast 18" driver with its Neodymium magnet and 5” voice coil is optimised for low frequency definition making the monitor also well suited to use for Bass and Drums.  The PSM18 has a 70° Funktion-One conical waveguide for high efficiency and control, and the point-source arrangement is optimum for smooth coverage and minimising feedback.   As usual with Funktion One's design approach, corrective EQ is unnecessary leaving the enclosure phase coherent with plenty of headroom.
We power our PSM18's with Mc2 E100 amplification and Xta Processing
Prices from £150 a pair + delivery

Funktion-One Res 2 sh & F118/F218 Festival combo


For when extreme high output monitoring requirements. Pro Audio Wales has out together this killer DJ Monitoring setups for large events & festivals. This system alone os enough to power a small - medium size event!


2 x Res2 sh

2 x F118 or F218 (for even higher output)


We power this package with Mc2 E100 amplification and Xta Processing








Prices from £150 + delivery

Funktion-One Psm318
These radical new monitors were first used at Space in Ibiza to widespread acclaim and have also recently been deployed in several ground-breaking clubs State-side as well as on the Ultra stage at the WMC in Miami and other leading Dance Events around the World.
Prices from £250 a pair + delivery