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Why the Teleprompter.video range?

If your artists are lucky enough never to forget their words, they’ll be the envy of their peers. If, on the other hand, they are like most performers and sometimes find their mind wondering whilst on stage, then the Apt-SM-V and CFM ranges will make a huge difference. Keeping your talent on track without missing a cue.

Here are just some of the benefits of using our wedge teleprompter:

  • The Apt-teleprompter.video SM-V range floor monitor looks just like an audio monitor. Your audience will have no idea that you are using it.
  • The Apt-teleprompter.video CFM folding range matchers the SM-V for quality with added versatility
  • Both ranges work seamlessly with your favourite tele-prompting software.
  • All teleprompter-videos are robust and made specifically with touring and the conference markets in mind.

The Original Teleprompter video display unit, the SM-V covert stage video monitor range features high quality commercial display panels.


All APT teleprompter products have the following connections, (all connections are by Neutrik an industry standard):

  • 1x HDMI in/out
  • 1x SDI 3G(BNC)
  • 1x SDI 3G Loop (BNC)
  • 2x powerCON True1 (Input and output)
  • Custom option are available (please call for more information)

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