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The Funktion-One EVO X is the epitome of high-fidelity audio, created for events demanding the best in sound quality. This single loudspeaker system, featuring wide 90° horizontal dispersion and full-range, high SPL output, is designed for efficiency and portability. With Funktion-One engineered drivers and advanced waveguide technology, the EVO X delivers clear, powerful sound in a compact and lightweight package. Tailored hire packages include 2 x EVO X units, 2 x BR218 bass enclosures, amplification, processing, and all necessary cabling, available in Funktion-One violet.

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  • 2 x Funktion-One Evo X
  • 2 x Funktion-One BR218



Improve the auditory experience at your event with the Funktion-One EVO X, a cutting-edge, single loudspeaker solution known for its exceptional audio fidelity. The EVO X DJ monitor is designed to meet the demands of events where superior sound quality is paramount.

  • Superior Sound Quality: The EVO X boasts wide 90° horizontal dispersion for full-range, high SPL output, ensuring your audio is heard clearly and powerfully across the venue.
  • High Efficiency with Low Energy Consumption: This system’s design focuses on maximising audio output while minimising energy use, making it an eco-friendly option without compromising on performance.
  • Compact and Portable: Weighing just 47kg and equipped with a dedicated transport dolly, the EVO X is both lightweight and easy to move, simplifying setup and logistics.
  • Funktion-One Engineering: Featuring Funktion-One drivers and wide bandwidth midrange (280Hz – 5kHz), alongside new isophase diffraction HF waveguide technology, the EVO X sets a new standard in sound quality.
  • Versatile System Packages: Pro Audio Visualoffers tailored packages including 2 x Funktion-One EVO X units and 2 x Funktion-One BR218 bass enclosures, with alternative bass options available to suit your specific event needs.

With options for custom packages and long-term hire, Pro Audio Visual is dedicated to providing high-fidelity audio solutions that elevate any event, from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions.

Available in Funktion-One’s signature violet, the EVO X delivers unparalleled sound but and adds a visually striking element to your event setup.

So whether you’re hosting a concert, festival, corporate event, or private celebration, the Funktion-One EVO X DJ monitor from our DJ equipment hire team offers the perfect blend of audio excellence and practicality. Contact us now to book your spot!

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