Over 4 Decades of Fun in Event Hire – Festivals, Nightclubs & More

Over 4 Decades of Fun in Event Hire – Festivals, Nightclubs & More

Over 4 Decades of Fun in Event Hire – Festivals, Nightclubs & More

Date: 31st January 2023 | By: proaud

If you're planning your next party, Pro Audio Visual is the premier team to choose. We've been providing the best audio and visual party equipment for the best parties since 1979. That's over forty years' worth of experience of catering to the most diverse and unique events. We use this valuable experience to make sure our next party is the best.

We are not happy simply to sit on our laurels and replicate the same event time after time. While we're sure we'd be able to recreate the same amazing moments as our previous event, and this would be the easier option, we choose to make sure each and every party is unique, memorable and inimitable. At Pro Audio Visual we continually push ourselves to push forward and push the boundaries of what the ultimate party experience is.

Party and Event Hire - DJ Equipment, Crowd Control Systems, Lighting & Everything Else

For over 40 years, Pro Audio Visual has been providing the best audio and visual party equipment for the most memorable and exciting events in Swansea and the UK. Our team of experts have honed their skills over four decades, continuously pushing the boundaries of what makes a truly unforgettable party experience. With a reputation for excellence, our clients can rest assured that we will make their event the talk of the town.

Our extensive range of equipment is always expanding, as we are dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of event production. Whether you need lighting, sound, or crowd control solutions, we have it all. Our team will work with you to understand your unique requirements and provide guidance on the best equipment to meet your specific needs.

Atmospherics for Hire

Atmospherics are just as important as the sounds and beats at an event. We have a range of tools to help you create the perfect atmosphere, including confetti blasters, smoke machines, dry ice machines, haze machines, and CO2 jet hire equipment. We know the right combination of these elements will elevate your event to the next level.

For sound system hire, we have a range of equipment to meet your needs, including DJ equipment for hire such as controller units, effects units, mixers, rotary mixers, DJ sound cards and classic turntables. Whether you're hosting a small party or a huge event, we have the right tools to make sure the music never stops.

For larger events, crowd control is crucial. We have you covered with crowd barriers such as MOJO barriers and Harris perimeter fencing, as well as generators, lighting towers, and power distribution units. With our equipment, you can be sure that your guests will be safe and your event will run smoothly.

All our equipment is maintained to the highest standard, meeting all safety requirements and checks. You can be sure that everything will run without a hitch with Pro Audio Visual.

If you're planning your next community event, look no further than Pro Audio Visual. With decades of experience and a reputation for excellence, you can trust us to make your event unforgettable. Contact us today to find out more.