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Curved LED Video Walls and Stage Barriers for Recent UK Jobs

Curved LED Video Walls and Stage Barriers for Recent UK Jobs

Curved LED Video Walls and Stage Barriers for Recent UK Jobs

Date: 23rd February 2024 | By: proaud

In the world of event production, the need for creative and practical solutions is ever-present. At Pro Audio Visual, we pride ourselves on meeting these challenges head-on, delivering bespoke solutions that not only meet our clients' visions but exceed them. We've recently turned complex requirements into reality, showcasing our capabilities in pit barrier designs and LED video wall displays.

Innovative Pit Barrier Solutions for Film Shoots

Recently, we were approached with a unique brief for a film shoot requiring a pit barrier system designed to encapsulate a stage and runway, culminating in a circular stage at the end. The challenge was to create a barrier system that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring audience safety without compromising the visual appeal of the set.

How did we tackle this? Through the strategic deployment of various pit barrier sections, our team engineered a smart and safe barrier system that seamlessly integrated with the stage's complex design. This tailored approach ensured the safety of all involved and complemented the overall aesthetic of the film set, demonstrating our capability to adapt and innovate according to the unique demands of any project.

crowd control barrier set up

Curved LED Video Walls Light Up Corporate Events

February was a busy month for our LED video wall hire services, with our curved LED screens making appearances at multiple events. One standout implementation was at a corporate event where we provided a complete AV solution. This included not just the LED screen, but also comprehensive audio support and bespoke branding to enhance the corporate message.

Our curved LED video walls are perfect for creating immersive experiences, with their flexibility allowing for customisation in shape and size to fit any venue or theme. For this particular event, the curved screen added a dynamic and engaging element to the presentation, captivating the audience and delivering the client's content in stunning high definition.

LED video wall (curved) LED Screen curved Rent curved LED video walls for exhibitions

Tailored AV Solutions for Every Event

At Pro Audio Visual, our aim is to provide AV solutions that are effective and innovative. Whether it's adapting mojo pit barriers for unique stage designs or utilizing our extensive range of LED screens for events of all scales, we're committed to excellence. Our team's expertise in event production, coupled with our wide selection of DJ equipment and sound systems, enables us to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Through innovative design, technical excellence, and a client-focused approach, Pro Audio Visual continues to lead the way in event AV solutions. If you're looking to bring your event vision to life with unparalleled audio-visual experiences, get in touch with us!