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LED Screen and Video Wall Hire for 2022 Events

LED Screen and Video Wall Hire for 2022 Events

LED Screen and Video Wall Hire for 2022 Events

Date: 23rd December 2021 | By: Kevin Burke

LED Screen and Video Wall Hire for 2022 Events

The end of the year is upon us which means only one thing: it’s time to start planning for the next one! We saw events return to near normality towards the second half of this year with festivals taking place, sporting events like the Euros and the Olympics taking place, and more, and here at Pro Audio Visual we were proud to be part of that regathering after a tumultuous period. Looking towards the new year we are remaining cautious yet confident that 2022 will be an improvement and events like Glastonbury will happen and the Edinburgh Festival will happen (in full).

However we are aware that some people are still cautious about mixing in large events so at Pro Audio Visual we’ve identified that the demand for large screens could be increased. People may want to hang back from the action and stay socially distanced, so providing a high quality LED video wall or screen can ensure that they still get a great experience. Be it music, comedy or even a screening of a live sports event outside, having a screen is an excellent way to make sure people can get the full experience they’ve paid for and remain comfortable.

For this reason we think that having LED Screens at smaller events where they would not normally be required at pre-2020 is going to be a gear shift for the live event industry. Happily Pro Audio Visual have a fantastic range of high quality LED Screens for hire! The fabulous thing about our screens is that due to the LED technology you don't get glare or dimming of the picture quality due to sunlight, meaning you can even screen films in daylight with the warmth of the sun. Screening outdoor films has become a popular activity recently, and we can understand why! With people able to spread out and not being in an enclosed space, we expect outdoor film screenings to remain popular for a long time.

Professional LED video wall hire

Our professionals are ready to help you every step of the way to adapt your business or event with a screen. They will set it up, maintain its performance and pack it down so you needn’t worry about a thing. If you or your company are holding a large event indoor or outdoor, be it comedy, music, award show or film screening we at Pro Audio Visual are ready to be on hand to make it a hit.

Even if restrictions are completely lifted at your event, the chance for people to see the action without having to get into the huddle of the crowd will be a welcome feature for many. As we move forward from unprecedented times we as a company have taken this opportunity to learn and adapt to a live event industry which has changed. LED Screens are just one of the things we’ve identified as a great way to bring back the atmosphere and we’re ready to help you with it.

So on behalf of all of us at Pro Audio Visual, Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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